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New Moon in Capricorn - 21st/22nd December 2014  
New Moon in Capricorn -
21/22 December
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22 November
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23 October
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24 September
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25 August
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26 July
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28 May
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28/29 April
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30 March
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1 March
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30 January
New Moon in Capricorn -
1 January

Don’t baby Capricorn!

Capricorn appears to manifest things magically to the rest of us, we who haven’t been paying enough attention to how things really are and how things really work. With all that information, what to do is clear, obvious and, to Capricorn, obligatory - and manifestation follows naturally. Capricorn shrugs, not realising that others just cannot see how it was done.

On the other hand, we need to watch ourselves this month that we don’t try to take responsibility for the experience of those around us - they won’t be grateful! If they are sad, just be with them rather than trying to cheer them up; if they are happy, let their spirits soar. Truly, we are only responsible for our own experience.

Spirit sings in the silence behind the noise

This month the sky is full of emphasis on Capricorn (Sun/Moon/Mercury/Pluto/Venus all in Capricorn), dropping us in at the deep end of practical necessities (New Moon in the first degree). It is as though we knew how much needed to be done, but hadn’t got around to it all, and now we find ourselves having to surrender to what we can practically do - let it go, or do it later, maybe shaking our heads sadly at what we can’t fit in. Perhaps this is part of the nonsense we can get into around the solstice, Christmas, or any other, festivities. It’s the Capricorn in us that has all the preparations done in time, or berates us inwardly for not being ready.

But this time, I am feeling a more soulful quality in the air, as though the sound of the Christmas hype fades, and we really can hear the angels singing behind the noise - Peace on earth, they sing, may there be peace on earth (Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune).

All humans are made with the same clay

Leading up to this New Moon, the last few days may have been intense for you, feeling strange physically and/or emotionally (Venus/Pluto square Uranus and sextile Chiron). It’s important not to search too hard in your own life for the cause of such feelings, because we are all open to a degree, and any of us can receive, like a tuning device, any similar energy from anywhere in the world. As human beings, we can feel what any other human is feeling - we are individual, but also connected.

We have a tendency to look for something around us or in our relating that could have ‘caused’ us to feel the way we do, but our reaction to the ‘cause’ we land on can create an argument that need not have happened, when actually our original feeling could have been triggered by empathy with an aspect of the present human condition.

So let yourself feel how you do, being gentle with that and with anyone else who is feeling strange or painful for no apparent reason (Mars sextile Uranus). As we can all feel the pain of human life, we are also constructed to feel the sweetness of connection with each other and with our world.


Be open to changing your attitudes

This next month, a window is opening for the next two-plus years for us all to check our inner beliefs against what is really true; to check what we think is necessary against what is possible to alter or replace; to look now, and think again (Saturn moving into Sagittarius 23 December).

Our task is to see past whatever blocks our natural happiness, and this may necessitate looking at what those inner blocks are. Life is movement and growth, whereas blocks to happiness are static. Coming from experiences in the past, they only have life if we continue to give them credibility in the present.

Full Moon chart: Let go - but don’t reject

By the Full Moon on 5 January, we may be making decisions about what we want to throw out, but we may find for a while that it’s impossible to break free without causing much upset and destruction (Sun/Pluto opposite Moon in Cancer, all in harmony with Chiron and square Uranus/South Node). You may want to throw out belongings or relationships, feeling that they compromise your rightful autonomy (Mercury/Venus into Aquarius).

But please wait a while. The bigger picture is about to be scrutinised for the useless, in time unfolding whole new concepts and attitudes (Mercury/Venus sextile Saturn in Sagittarius). What looks useless now, may be seen to have a different purpose than the one you thought. A relationship that refuses to answer your romantic desires, could turn out to be a friendship to see you through hard times. This is not to say don’t throw anything out, but a suggestion to put the rejects in a holding space before making a final decision!

Life usually knows for us what we no longer need, and takes it away (we may not agree with that). We need to trust our inner guidance, and deal with what we have. Much of what has seemed important recently may slip from top priority till next April (Jupiter retrograde). Things come and go, our attention to particular people may rise and fall, but each appears appropriate to its time.

. . . just a reminder . . .

In case you missed the extra email I sent out to everyone on my lovely ‘astrology e-list’, I want to let you know that my children’s book (for the child in us all) ‘The Transformation of Scorpio’ is available at £10 including postage and packing. It’s very much about being open to how things change, and the ultimate adapting that is sometimes required to bring the most rewarding transformations in life. Scorpio is the symbol of that deep place in us all, where we realise that we can do nothing alone, and where finally opening our hearts to love, we find the most glorious connection of all.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Capricorn

Don’t be shy,
stand on your ground and
tell the story that is important to you.
You have no idea who may need to hear
your particular experience and understanding.
You are important for just who you are,
one piece in the ground of spirit
that holds the edifice of life
in sweet harmony -
one in the One