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Earthquake in the Indian Ocean and the consequent Tidal Waves - late December 2004  
Earthquake in the Indian Ocean and the consequent Tidal Waves late December 2004
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On 25th to 26th December, the Moon moved from Gemini, where it was opposing Pluto, into Cancer where it was to become full during the day. Each of these things happens every month but not usually so close together, and in combination one might be looking to observe a transforming situation that would affect our emotions on a grand scale.

More interestingly, the Moon’s opposition to Pluto coincided with Mars moving into Sagittarius where he is to square Uranus in Pisces by 30/31st December. This is about the effective and firey energy of Mars provoking sudden/Uranian changes in Pisces (the sea!) – it could easily be the expression of tectonic plates shifting under the sea.

However uncomfortable – even disastrous – this may be for human life, Uranus was in harmony with the Sun/Moon and the Nodes of the Moon at the time, and so the event was naturally ‘right’ in the larger scheme of things, perhaps more settling for the Earth herself! So all we can do is use the events of this earthquake and consequent tidal waves to reaffirm our attachment to things that endure, rather than to any emotional dogma or physical state.

Being human, we are hardly likely to be so non-attached, so perhaps this time is for remembering what is really important and enduring for us – including connection with loved ones on both sides of the veil, and most especially our connection with our own inner light. It is this light that leads us all through each moment towards the eternal, and expresses itself through loving and respecting each other.

This earthquake, and the destruction that followed it, reminded me to put the light once again at the top of my priority list, and I ask anyone who reads this little missive to spend the next 5 seconds streaming your heart’s loving energy through the one Light towards any disaster area and all involved in the events – anywhere, without limit or judgement.

With love,