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New Moon in Sagittarius - 13th December 2012  
New Moon in Sagittarius -
13 December
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13 November
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16 September
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22 March
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21 February
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23 January

The Sagittarius adventure

Can you let this month be the end of the negativity that tends to dominate our thinking, allowing yourself to feel a gentle lifting up as your old sandbags drop away? As long as we hang onto security as though our lives depended on it, we remain on the material ground, and the freedom to change and grow is very limited. The New Moon in Sagittarius each year gives us the happy impetuous to imagine how life would look if we focus on the positives in each situation. Sagittarius is about exploration. Soon enough will we reach the need to choose our way (Capricorn follows) - for now let’s roam free amongst the possibilities for enjoyment that surround us, so that, when we do choose, we know we are committing to the best available. If the exploration doesn’t happen, the choosing is reluctant. There will always remain a sense that we might have been able to do better.


This month, very many people have been looking towards the various messages stating that this is the end of a vast cycle of time. There are many dates in this month that people are focusing on (including 12/12/12, the last date of its kind this century! and 21 December, the winter solstice). Personally, I can’t feel that a vast cycle of many thousands of years could totally end on one day, or even a month, or even 10 years!

It’s rarely a good idea to just follow what someone else says, and it’s interesting to scan on Wikipedia the many opinions and sources for this idea -


This link is a good place to start, but don’t be stopped by anyone else’s opinion. Sagittarius is off on its own trip this month (Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus) and what’s right for you is what FEELS right to you. Fire signs operate through activity following intuition, and Sagittarius is off up the mountain for a better view.

To anyone who is worrying about end-times this Solstice 21 December - please let go of the fear that was nurtured in your past, and look to 22 December as the beginning of a positive attitude to life that will build a kinder future.


Determination will manifest practical results

The background to all this exploring is the steady progress of Pluto through Capricorn, turning over the land, lifting rocks to see what’s hiding underneath, digging into our life experience to lift the deeper layers of untapped skill into the light. During the past week or so, you may have noticed a growing sense that you actually CAN do it, whatever it is (Saturn in Scorpio coming into harmonious relationship with Pluto). Just giving something a try, this way, and that way if the first didn’t work, you find that you’ve succeeded in manifesting what you previously only hoped or dreamed you could make or have.

This month, sharing your ideas about these possibilities, and about how they might also benefit others, will help to bring them into reality (yod shape connecting Saturn/Pluto to Jupiter in Gemini). The question I like to ask is: ‘What would life have me do that I would love?’ The window for manifesting important changes in our world, both personally and globally, is not just this month. The first culmination of this energy-wave is in February 2013 and it fades a little by May, lifting again in August 2013 for completing any projects, and fading away completely by October (as Saturn moves beyond its connection with Pluto).

Good days for noticing this energy rising, and focusing on what you might do with it, are from the Full Moon on 28 December to 1 January 2013 (as the Sun lines up with Pluto, and Mercury joins them in Capricorn) - a wonderful time to put our hearts into New Year Resolutions of a positive kind, and perhaps even choosing what what’s best to commit to. As you make your choices, remember that the power of the universe waits to pour through each individual to the degree they will allow - we don’t have to create everything in our lives from our small perspective and with our puny muscles!

Ride the wave of love

This month, love from your deepest soul can be tapped for the healing of all (Venus on the North Node in Scorpio), and the love you give clears the conduit within you for your receiving. Any sense of deserving love, or expecting to be loved, is our small self simply getting in the way of feeling loved. Also, not loving one’s own self prevents the sensation of being loved. Feeling un-loved is a human error we make perhaps when we’re confused by life’s events, and sit as our small self in a puddle of pain and blaming. Being kind to that small self brings us immediately into the containing Greater Self where love can be felt.

Aligning your thinking and heart energy with an intense energy pattern round the earth is like stepping on a surf board to let life’s wave take you as far as it will; and, because so many will be putting their energy into change - peace in the world, humanitarian activity, bringing angels nearer earth, love and forgiveness, compassion and so on - if we add our own loving heart’s radiation to the mix, we will be helping humanity’s surfboard to travel into greater awareness of the light that we are.

One way to join with this wave of human feeling is to sit comfortably IN your body, whilst focusing your mind on feeling your heart - which is radiating away whether you are aware of that or not. Allow yourself to offer your heart’s radiance to whatever positive is important to you, and then beyond that to life itself - calling for good communication, for love, for peace.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

Be kind to yourself - sit comfortably
checking your body’s balance and breathing-space.
Feel your body as energy - fizz and flow
heartbeat rhythm - radiance
and smile.

Notice what your mind has been picking at lately
and the feeling that remains as a result,
and let the heart’s energy-flow wash through that stuff
leaving it like writing on a clean page -
another paragraph in this chapter of your life.
Be the reader of your life
who takes the story in to contemplate awhile
then turns again to the story
to find out what happens next.

Be touched - in passing -
ready to be touched by life again
open to discovering new views bringing
different understandings.
Enjoy your world expanding
and be kind to yourself.