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New Moon in Scorpio - 2nd November 2005  
New Moon in Scorpio -
2nd November 2005
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17th October 2005
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3rd October 2005
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17th/18th September 2005
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5th August 2005
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6th July 2005
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6th/7th June 2005
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From the Age of Pisces
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8th May 2005
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8th/9th April 2005
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10th March 2005
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10th February 2005

The Eagle (Scorpio) contains the Sun and Moon together, representing the determined commitment required to transform hard physical and emotional experience into spiritual value, through accepting it.

The Bull (Taurus) holds Mars, representing strong, steady and practical action, which takes place in its own time and will not be speeded up.

The Lion (Leo) holds Saturn, representing structure and authority whose aim is positive, but that can feel oppressive to those who are subject to it, or may disagree.

The Man/woMan (Aquarius) holds Neptune, representing the spirit of Aquarius, a sense of everyone being independent although, at the same time, connected (not easy, but then, we’ve only just started this two thousand years of the Aquarian Age!).

Each of these four energies could hardly be more different from the others and, in this New Moon chart, they are at the four corners of a great square. As they are geometrically connected, the principles they represent have to work together for the next month. This particular great square would seem to be about the intense focus and commitment involved in bringing powerful people to an agreed course of humanitarian action. The drive behind the action would need leadership, at the same time accepting each individual’s contribution as worthy of inclusion.

Mars is retrograde at this time: perhaps it’s just as well actions are being held back until they pass the test of practicality, in whatever circumstances are being faced. The New Moon itself is making a fading trine aspect to Uranus, so we are still open to inspiration from anywhere or anyone (Uranus is in Pisces).

Communication, though, looks focussed in quite another way (Mercury, just into Sagittarius, is making no direct connection to the square). Our thoughts and conversations are now more broadly based than they will have been recently, although sometimes they may be a bit ungrounded (Mercury squares Uranus). On 14 November, Mercury begins 20 days of moving retrograde, suggesting a rethinking process that won’t be hurried. Putting this together with the great square suggests the wisdom of giving time to discussion; when people with fixed ideas continue to sit at the table, they can be worked on by the needs of situations. On a personal level, if you are in a difficult situation at the moment, don’t try to solve it all at once, but be prepared to consider any idea that arises this month. Open discussion allows time for organic development to take place. Solutions arise more easily when we are patient.

The next New Moon, in Sagittarius on 1 December 05, shows that we will then be ready for movement to take place. The Sun/Moon will be trining Saturn and sextiling Neptune, instead of squaring them – through discussion, there will be greater understanding of the principles involved. Mercury, retrograding at that time, and in Scorpio until 4 December, will ensure that the deeper issues are not forgotten in the turmoil of change.


The way to solve a square is to find that activity, or principle, that can fulfil all the corners at the same time. As Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are the fixed principles of each of the four elements of life, their working together harmoniously creates, and enables, us living on earth: they are supposed to work together! This is a month when we can face the blocks created by our central misunderstanding. Though most people don’t consciously think about this, the assumption is that we are alone on earth, unconnected with each other and separate from the spiritual level. If we deliberately turn that around, asking for spiritual assistance, and insisting on looking at our experience from the broadest viewpoint we can manage, then inspired solutions will simply arise out of our discussions.

This may seem an overly optimistic view of the New Moon chart, but if we don’t even hold these ideas possible of achievement, they cannot ever be achieved. I hope you don’t get tired of my saying this: if we endeavour to hold our own problems in the lightest perspective, we are doing the best we can for world affairs, and for humanity as a spiritual family.

Jupiter is now in Scorpio for the next year, and we will not be able to ignore the emotions, or rationalise them into ‘sensible responses.’ You may have noticed already a sense of grief arising for no reason, it could be a collective grief. The only thing left to do is let the emotions be what they are. Notice how you feel, give yourself room to feel it, and get on with life anyway. In discussion with friends the other day, we were remembering the beginning of the old ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ cartoon film. Just after Snow White has been set free from death by the Wicked Queen’s hunter, she is running in terror for her life through the dark wood, with branches snagging her dress, and huge eyes watching her evilly from the darkness. She collapses sobbing on the ground, and we gradually see that she is in a gentle grove of trees, and the eyes materialise as belonging to deer and rabbits and so on, who gather to watch her in kindness and wonder.

This image is perfect for Jupiter in Scorpio, exaggerating both ends of the emotional spectrum. It also shows graphically how I feel when thoughts of worry and anxiety for anything get the better of me. I run wildly through the darkness of my pessimistic mind until I am exhausted – familiar? And when I view it all from the light of my heart, I can see that my thoughts were running automaton-like along the same old tracks, keeping me away from seeing how things really are.

I would like to leave you with the image of waking from your life’s ‘nightmares,’ to find yourself in a lovely grove of trees, with the timid aspects of your personality stepping out of the shadows, to gather round the heart-light of your Zodiac Sun-sign.

Let your heart glow for a moment,
let your body breathe;
then choose the next activity,
and do it.