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New Moon in Sagittarius - 16th December 2009  
New Moon in Sagittarius -
16 December
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16 November
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25 February
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26 January

Sagittarius comes before Capricorn!

A thing I love about Sagittarius coming before Capricorn in the Zodiac circle is how we all need to do our excited explorations, check out our crazy ideas, experience what fascinates us, before we settle down to focusing on actually manifesting any of it. Without all that adventuring into the unknown, we wouldn’t have the knowledge to back up our choices, or the authority of experience that moves others to work with us. Capricorn ‘didn’t get where it is today’ by sticking solely to what others had learned before! The adult sign of Capricorn needs to have had adolescent Sagittarian freedom somewhere in its personal history.

For those involved in Christmas tinsel and hype, Sagittarius is a great sign to have the Sun traverse at this time of year. When we are bent on adventure and having fun, responsibility would be the last thing on the list. It’s interesting that the Sun moves into Capricorn at the Winter Solstice, 21 December. So the feast and sharing of plenty on 25 December is not directly an expression of Sagittarius, but rather the result of competent Capricorn work. We need to take care that we haven’t exhausted all our resources before the gatherings take place!

This New Moon in Sagittarius

There is much pleasure to be found in relationships this month through honesty and meaningful communication (Venus close to Sun/Moon bringing the influence of Mars in Leo with it). The square to Uranus tells us that absence of loved ones is likely to feel particularly painful, as though we feel unable to link up over the distance. We need to guard against reacting to separation as though abandoned. Perhaps, due to losses in war, the absence of those who have died touches us all just now – it is good to remember that, in the spiritual reality, we are always connected to those we love, no matter where they are, in body or not. The welfare of the whole of humanity is brought into bright focus this month (Sun/Moon sextiles the three planets in Aquarius), and the most helpful attitude is an abundance of simple goodwill – wanting the highest good for everyone,


Not as reckless as usual

Although Sagittarius indicates a time to experiment with new ways of accomplishing our goals, we’ve also had the brakes on since 6 December (Mercury into Capricorn). There is a cautious feel this month. We are likely to find ourselves too aware of practical limitation to let our imaginations go too far ahead. It is enough just being together with friends and family, entertaining each other, sharing what we have. Sharing includes receiving as well as giving. When everyone goes forward to give without consideration of what is needed, it can produce a situation of over-abundance which ends in massive waste. Let’s find ways to share, and enjoy ourselves, that don’t deplete our resources.

Prayer for Peace

The most exact planetary connection in this New Moon chart is between Sun/Moon and Neptune/Jupiter. This pattern reflects the expansion of our spiritual awareness, raising human consciousness. The word that comes to my mind is ‘prayer’; not in the sense of asking for something from a superior being, but rather, finding that place inside us where gratitude and compassion create a conduit for immense love to flow into our world. True love brings the balm of acceptance of what is - both people and circumstances as they are - and inner acceptance allows us to experience peace. Feeling peaceful, we are more likely to speak and act in ways that promote peace around us.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius
Bow your head to the wonder of life.
And now lift your eyes to the distant inner mountains.
Let the brilliance of the sunlit peaks dazzle your mind,
so that the pure colours of your bright imagination
can detect the joyous company
that inhabits these heights.
This community has travelled long and hard
to reach their place of sanctuary.
They have been stripped of all artifice
and personal agenda.
They have lost and recreated many identities,
each one more transparent than the last.
Now they shine, their laughter is fun,
they love and dance with each other,>
take care of, and delight in, the natural world,
and build exciting things.
Let your heart reach out to that community
connecting with their friendship.
In so doing you assist the human race to grow
for this is the essence of the Human Being
and your rightful destination.