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New Moon in Sagittarius - 20 December 2006  
New Moon in Sagittarius -
20 December 2006
New Moon in Scorpio -
20/21 November 2006
New Moon in Libra -
22 October 2006
New Moon in Virgo -
22 September 2006
New Moon in Virgo -
23 August 2006
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25 July 2006
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25 June 2006
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27 May 2006
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27 April 2006
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29 March 2006
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28 February 2006
New Moon in Aquarius -
29 January 2006

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Sagittarius arriving

During the last few weeks, there has been a growing Sagittarian flavour in the air. Sagittarius is a fire sign and full of movement. Ruled by Jupiter, it expresses our growth and expansion on all levels, although, being fiery, it emphasises the imagination, and therefore abstract and philosophical thinking as well. On this level, all things are possible – Sagittarian enthusiasm tends to create an inflated expectation of what can be achieved in the moment on the practical level. However, expansive thinking does tend to bring about changes, and whether we feel jubilant or apprehensive about that is up to our individual reaction patterns, and how we like life to be. But however you feel, there has been a growing sense of change in the air, what seemed solid is starting to shift, and you may have found yourself re-thinking those areas of your life which had seemed stuck.

Opening our minds

December 13-15 could have been particularly awkward for communication and movement (Mercury squared Uranus) – you may have experienced leaving things behind, forgetting what you had meant to do, misunderstandings or sudden cut-offs in communication. On the positive side, you may have had sudden realisations, gaps in the fog of daily life, where you understood perfectly what was true for you. Our thought processes were receiving a jolt (there was also a particularly earth-directed solar flare) loosening our habitual focus, and waking us into consciousness of what we are routinely saying and doing. This creates openings in our relationships for more truth to be communicated. There may even be separations (Venus sextile Uranus), but sharing our truth, and accepting the truth of another, is ultimately an opportunity to be closer.

Transformation happens

The New Moon on 20 December reflects the intense dynamism that creates real transformation.
(This New Moon, towards the end of Sagittarius, is just two degrees past Pluto, the planet representing that plunge into the unknown that brings everything out-of-date to the surface for clearing.) Transformation requires inner death of something that seemed very much alive – a situation, a relationship, an arrangement or commitment, or a belief we have. Whatever it is, if its day is over, something will rise to the surface that shows it to be untenable in the future. Through Sagittarius, transformation is not so much about the loss of actual things or people, but rather the death of how we ourselves related to them - it is our beliefs that are likely to be rearranged.

Many people will feel excited by the changes, and more alive. But some will be shocked and pained, and some will feel insecure and afraid. Those who are afraid to let go will very likely be obsessive in their attempts to maintain their beliefs, but their words will sound hollow to anyone who can hear, and their power will slip into the past.

As we recognise our true up-to-date feelings, the people we are involved with feel the change and are themselves changed by it, and so the transformation ripples out. In the end, the opportunity is there for every one to feel freed from past tethers, and therefore capable of fulfilling more of their potential.

High expectation leads to confusion

Some of the great changes that were on the cards last month have already happened, or at least the plans have been made. Even relatively small changes will be having greater impacts than you would have imagined. You may have been considering far more projects than you can possibly complete - it almost feels as though anything is possible. The results of this sense of freedom can be a confusion of ‘stuff’ – ideas, emotions, and physical possessions, all going every which way and cluttering our actual movement!

The virtue of this huge range of possibilities that is that it un-sticks us in those areas we had thought unchangeable. In the midst of the ensuing confusion about what is best to do, the ‘true’ way for us can reveal itself – as long as we allow that we don’t have to do it all, at least not all at once! (Mercury sextile Neptune, but square the Moon’s Nodes)

Manifestation requires central integration and patience

The first week after this New Moon brings gradual realisation of how to be with the changes we are contemplating (Mercury moves towards Pluto, trining Saturn). The magic of manifestation has to do with integrating our divergent desires, so that our energy all pulls towards one clear aim, instead of pulling us in different directions. For instance: I enjoy my work and may want more of it, and also want more time to enjoy other activities, spend time with my family and friends, and I want to travel more, and yet I want to stay at home peaceful and hidden, and so on . . . conflicting desires, each one attracting a relevant experience, the whole thing manifesting confusion and eventually overload. Some of them even sabotage each other!

In choosing one clear aim for our desires, the first important thing is that it must be in tune with who we really are (Saturn in Leo), with what will support us to unfold our potential. So the first half of this New Moon month is about sifting through all the possibilities, and only giving room to those that bring a sense of aliveness to our central self. When we have located the ‘right’ direction, it’s easier for the personality desires to fall in around it, because it also takes them into consideration.

We can recognise which desires are ‘true’ for us by a sense of commitment that includes patience. When something we plan feels ‘right,’ we know inside that the timing of its manifestation is crucial, and that it will be best if our spirit is in charge of the process. By choosing a ‘right’ direction, we take control of our lives, and at the same time surrender to the guidance of our Greater Selves.

If you find yourself impatient to achieve the goals that attract you, it is a sign that your desire for them is more about your little personality than your greater being. (My Aries personality gets very irritable when this is pointed out to me, and says: Are you sure this is true? But my greater being laughs even to hear the question – of course it’s true! Impatience is a mental attitude stemming from a sense of separation, and tends to keep the desired thing at bay.)

Look before you leap

This New Moon chart contains a warning (Mars squares Uranus in Pisces on December 22). The more excited we feel about any action we think of taking, the more likely we are to take it without consideration for the survival of ourselves or those around us. There are times when that is the correct attitude, but this is not one of those times. It is the ideas that can be entertained – discovering new ways, talking with people about them to learn more, considering how we might accomplish them. We need to be aware that the actions we take may have effects beyond what we expect (Mars in Sagittarius – shooting the arrow into the unknown), and therefore we need also to be prepared to take care of the repercussions in the people around us.

Sagittarius is the adventurer and explorer, and there’s a tendency to forget to take responsibility for the results of our actions. At the moment, if we act impulsively from desire alone, we are likely to run ourselves out of energy, and not be able to follow through. Sudden impulses may not bring the result we meant to achieve, and we could end up struggling and drained, not even remembering why we did whatever-it-was! On the other hand, if we relax and allow our greater self to guide our actions, we will have plenty of energy left to take care of everything.

Not responsibility for others, but kindness

We are, of course, not responsible for how others react to what we need to do, but we can do it kindly, rather than thoughtlessly, and to be kind we need to be aware of others. After all, we are all going through this time together, changes happening whether people want them or not. This time is about sharing our thoughts and desires, sharing our beliefs so that we expand our thinking and understanding. It’s a time for sharing our pains and discovering the joy of being together. Being kind to others is part of being kind to oneself, and is always uplifting.

Capricorn will come next

The Capricorn energy encourages responsible action, competently expressed in the world, and it is coming inexorably. (Venus is already in Capricorn from December 11 to January 4. Sun goes into Capricorn on December 22, Mercury in late December, and Mars in mid-January 07.) So let’s make the most of this time of exploration, fun and change, so that what we do in 2007 is based on the widest knowledge, and the most far-seeing principles, possible.


Meditation for this New Moon in Sagittarius
Give yourself a break, and sit quietly for a moment.
Approach your heart centre as the hearth in the home of your body
and light a fire there
feeling its warmth and cheerfulness radiating out.
Let it radiate into your body as relaxation
and into your face as a smile.
Allow yourself to feel as though you, and everyone you know,
are all flames in the great fire of love
dancing with each other.
If anyone who isn’t feeling so good
comes to your mind
hug them warm in the dance.
And in those places where you don’t feel so good
allow yourself to be hugged warm in the dance we dance together.
Know that nothing lasts forever
except the love of which we are all a part.