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New Moon in Sagittarius - 2nd/3rd December 2013  
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Sagittarius - the art of enjoying your Self

Perhaps this month is about blending our human being with our animal being. Lots of films are being made, lots of ‘youtube’ clips and videos, of animals just being what they are - immediate, honest and clear, demonstrative to those they trust (it looks like loving to me), playful, holding out to meet their own needs for food and space, being true to their nature, relating to each other cleanly without fuss, sensitive to the energy of situations and people.

And the human being? A philosopher - mind ever expanding, searching for meaning everywhere, seeing patterns in stars by night and clouds by day, excited by adventure and discovery, and sensitive to the truth. Perhaps the trouble with focusing on patterns is the tendency to fix on the one that pleases, and then seeing everything else through it. That way we miss so much, and can slide, without noticing, into judging that which we haven’t understood.

Don’t judge the animal

Because so much of modern life requires our focus on mental gymnastics, we tend to see the more physical (and maybe emotional) issues of life as getting in the way. I Ching points out that, far from getting in our way, our problems actually lead the way. So much of ‘real life’, if not all of it, stems from this underbelly of experience - what has often been called our animal nature. Our mistake is to think of this as lesser, and in need of controlling rather than understanding and including.

When we judge against the animal side of our nature, we make it a victim, and of course we suffer accordingly. The spontaneous child in us feels criticised and small, and may hide its desires from our consciousness. Nevertheless, the power of those desires runs through us, and the pain, resentment and frustration from being ignored, can flood our reactions, surfacing in ways that are not in line with our conscious intentions. This is a call to look inside and check what your needs really are, and whether they are being met. Not all needs have to be met, but they all need acknowledging rather than judging.

The survival needs of our instinctual side include a need for acceptance, respect and loving kindness. When those are met, by ourselves most importantly, we can experience the animal capacity for clarity, honesty, playfulness, intuitive grasp, and loving connection, that also show up in the animal kingdom. Sagittarius is not about judging what we discover, but seeing how it fits into the larger picture.

The centaur embodies heaven and earth

This month is about setting ourselves free - free to discover our own particular joys, and to try new ways of seeing, understanding, the world around us (Sun/Moon trine Uranus in Aries). The stars don’t just ‘twinkle above us’, they reflect us as ‘we twinkle below’ (from a sweet song in the musical ‘Hair’). There is as much beauty in nature as there is in the love of spirit, because it’s all the same thing on different levels. Our everyday self is between heaven and earth, and we need to bring them together, not hold them apart. We join them by caring for the earthly side with compassion, while living our daily life in integrity with our finest beliefs.


Being there is enough

We will still be facing the ‘problems’, the deep issues of our lives (Mercury in Scorpio until 5 December). But there could be much more understanding and acceptance of our emotional and physical needs, and those of others (Mercury sextiles Mars in Virgo, who trines Venus in Capricorn). This month is about how we relate, especially from 8 December (when Mars moves into Libra). Perhaps the relevant learning will be around responsibility in relationships (Venus in Capricorn until early March 2014).

There is a particular emphasis on family responsibility this month (as Jupiter opposes Venus from Cancer) and the bit to avoid is placing conditions on your loving. Tough love may require withdrawing our total support from someone who is capable of supporting themselves; conditional loving uses the need for love to get a behavioural result in the ‘loved one’ - quite different.

Tough love may well be part of responsible loving this month (Jupiter trine Saturn), and it involves holding ones metaphorical arms around, but not touching, the one who needs to grow. Growth needs space and trust.

Be the bright beacon in the dark

From the Full Moon on 17 December, we may find ourselves becoming frustrated that life isn’t giving us all that we want, upset that things aren’t necessarily the way we would like (Mars opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto). So the last two weeks of December will need us to be open to sharing fresh ideas, and new ways of putting things together - parties with a difference!

It may be difficult to stay happy partly through the sense of others’ suffering (Sun/Moon square Chiron in Pisces); it may be individuals that you know, or people in the news, or the wars and damage that is going on world-wide it seems these days. We may feel inappropriate, or even guilty for enjoying ourselves. I have two ways to deal with guilt: one is the Flower Remedy Pine which washes guilt through and out, leaving me content to be myself; the other is a constant companion-action of mine - hand the cared-about person or situation into the hands of light, knowing that the light will be far more effective in the best way than I could ever be on my own. The words could be: ‘Please take care of this . . .’ and then one must let go, or we hinder the healing that can happen.

Maintain your lightness, your happiness, your enjoyment of the little things and of the huge oneness of it all. Life needs all the lighted beacons we can be, to enthuse the thinkers and prime movers with hope for positive solutions.

The arms of spiritual reality are around us all the time, without pressure or conditions or demands for repayment. Sagittarius may not be able to explain this, but it is understood at the heart. So, regardless of the uncertainties and stress in our world, let’s enjoy the rest of this year - the next New Moon is on 1 January 2014!


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Contemplation for this New Moon in Sagittarius

You are enough, just as you are.
Perhaps you are tired or feeling some pain,
be tender to your body for your spirit’s sake,
take good care of yourself for your Self.
Love flows eagerly through
the spaces between worried cells
washing away the past
relaxing tension, healing wounds,
bringing you into the present like a gift.
You are a present to the world.
En-joy your Self.