Pisces New Moon – 26 February 17

Going with the flow brings release
as long as you make sure it’s the flow of your soul’s joy
and not just your preferences projected in fear.

Please go for the gist of what is written, applying it to your life where it seems relevant.

Pisces and Aries combine!

.       This month we have a wonderful opportunity to blend Pisces and Aries energy (6 points in Pisces and 3 points in Aries).  This could enable us to become absolutely receptive to the moment we are in – the NOW – but also could result in a feeling of being lost in our dreams or fantasies of desire and anxiety.  But we do have that choice, and it’s likely to be one or the other with not much in between.  So be prepared to pay attention to both ends of the spectrum within yourself, because vacillation between them is very likely, and judging yourself doesn’t achieve anything.  Noticing is the way to wake up.

.       Generally Pisces is experienced as a lack of boundaries, or definition, or even identity.  On a spiritual level, this lack of boundaries is the experience of being one with all things in creation.  The problem is that, as individuals, we tend to identify with the material world, our body, our emotions, our beliefs or our ideas, all of which keep us separate from the oneness.  Without a central sense of self, we grip onto whatever we do identify with, and consequently fear losing it.  In this we join the mass of humanity at this time, and the fear is very contagious.

.       The central self in Pisces is spirit, so the call is to stay mindful of the love, joy and peace of spirit, which is unchanging, and what we are all made of anyway.  Not only is this New Moon in Pisces, it also passes exactly between earth and Sun, so we experience the symbology of a solar eclipse.

What does an eclipse in Pisces imply?

.       As the Moon travels through the Zodiac, one could say it transmits each sign’s qualities to the earth.  So passing in front of the Sun, perhaps it will be transmitting the full light of the Source for us to receive into ourselves.  The darker interpretation focuses on the Moon blocking the Sun’s light from earth, leaving us wallowing in the fear of that loss.  But even here, we could perhaps interpret this break in the Sun’s influence, as allowing cosmic guidance in to enlighten it – certainly during a total eclipse, the stars become visible.

.       However, this eclipse is ‘annular’ which means that the sun will be visible round the edge of the moon, so not a ‘total’ eclipse like the one due on 21st August this year.  And its completeness will only be visible in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, beginning over South America and ending in southern Africa.  Most of the earth will not see it.

.       Once again, choose the attitude that lights up your heart, and you will be spiritually guided in whatever way works for you – through intuitive understanding, inner guidance, dreams or angels (Mercury on South Node, Sun/Moon/Neptune and Chiron all in Pisces).  And, if you notice that your heart is feeling restricted, if you are worrying about the future or beating up on the past, choose your attitude again.  Every moment we are free to start again.

Be present, and start again!

.       This month, the energy is very fiery (Mars/Uranus in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius).  The quality of Aries energy is courageous and forthright – and also sudden, impetuous, and at the New Moon rebellious (Uranus).  All this is exaggerated just now (Uranus energy opposite Jupiter).  The suggestion is that we take care when moving about, that we don’t try to force our way or suddenly desert camp!  But rather that we pay acute attention to exactly what circumstances surround us, and have the courage to examine what really isn’t working (Mars/Uranus square Pluto in Capricorn).

.       We will need to be very tolerant with ourselves and with others, because the plan is transformation of our life style as a species.  That’s a tall order and may take many steps, even working within the idea that it’s possible. Let us remember that any person we are relating to will have their own understanding, and nothing is accomplished through attack except defence (Jupiter in Libra opposing Mars/Uranus).  Remember that a more harmonious outcome is the goal, diplomacy and kindness are the method, and the hope is to alleviate the suffering of humanity (Jupiter quincunx Chiron).

The feminine is not weak, but loving

.       Tolerance is also required for any frustration at the slowness of development, and the back-tracking going on.  Everything outside reflects what’s going on inside us, so own up to your own back-tracking into irritation and anxiety.  Rather, stand firm with what your loving heart feels is right, not opting out but strongly supporting loving initiatives (Venus in Aries).  This month supports women, and men and children, standing for what true relationship requires – planting trees, running schools for dis-owned children, supporting the homeless, improving social services and hospital facilities, working everywhere to improve the quality and quantity of people relating to each other.  There’s so much needs to be done that doesn’t require a war, and  could use the changing philosophies of this time to influence painful circumstances favourably (Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron).  It will take the courage of Aries and the inspiration of Pisces combined.

We are never alone

.       At the Full Moon on 12 March, the Pisces energy remains strong, but with Moon in Virgo facing it.  This suggests that the sense of being lost fades, transformation is no longer such a daunting prospect (Pluto sextile and trine Sun and Moon), and the energy settles down to work (Mars, having trined Saturn, moves into Taurus).  A mood of introspection and re-working relationships will have begun (Venus in Aries is retrograde from 4 March to 15 April).

.       It’s worth remembering that, in this material world, we do seem separate, and this requires that we centre ourselves within rather than around another person.  But in the spiritual reality, we are never alone, always affecting and being affected by everyone else, and always accompanied by the love of which it is all made.  In your inner alone-ness allow yourself to be in that loving company that works always for your best interests, whether you recognise it, are grateful for it, or not.  Let all hearts be open to the beauties of life, of nature, of relationship, however and wherever they manifest.  Because relating may be the balance point from which hangs the paradox of separate-yet-One.


Contemplation for this New Moon in Pisces

swirling moods like silk scarves
wrapping round you, blurring vision.
Do not be afraid to feel each colour as it passes
and let it go – to be replaced with another.
The movement is constant.

and courage to be yourself.
There is no fault in what you do or say
only the need to move forward
to that which balances, and gives footing
for the next step.

and joyful reunion
with all you have missed.
Nothing lovely is ever lost in its truth
but lies in the darkness like a seed
waiting for its rightful moment
to be lived.

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