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Cancer New Moon – 4 July 16

 It’s the emotional body’s turn .               Water is the emphasised element this month (Sun/Moon and five planets in water signs) – flow rather than logic, emotional connections rather than principles, caring for self and others rather than trying to control outcomes.  Cancer (Sun/Moon, Mercury and Venus) is showing […]

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Gemini New Moon – 4/5 June 16

Gemini – this and/or that – dance with the four elements . .       This New Moon chart has a wonderful mix of light, beautiful movement (Sun/Moon and Venus together) and intense probing energy (Mars retrograding through Scorpio) – just what we might expect from Gemini. One of the reflections of Gemini in […]

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Taurus New Moon – 6 May 16

Taurus – organic growth, inexorable .          This month, the normal earthy force of Taurus is heightened and made more urgent than usual (Sun/Moon and Mercury all trine Pluto). This feels like the pressure to do something as though it were a matter of life or death, which it generally isn’t, but […]

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Aries New Moon – 7 April 2016

Aries – the first breath of new life With this New Moon, there is a pull towards personal freedom, aware that we have our own desires and a unique path (Sun/Moon on Uranus). We generally want freedom only when we feel trapped. When free, we simply are, we just do; only when not able to […]

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